Frederick Bernas

Embrace the creative chaos

I am a journalist, but I’m not a journalist.
I am a filmmaker, but I’m not a filmmaker.
I am a photographer, but I’m not a photographer.
I am a musician, but I’m not a musician.
I am a writer, but I’m not a writer.
I am an artist, but I’m not an artist.

Most of the time, people like to answer the question “who are you?” as simply as possible, usually by saying just one thing. Many of us are confused – but not everybody admits it.

I’ve decided to stop trying to squeeze myself into boxes where I don’t belong.

The easiest way to explain what I do is to lose my sense of boundaries: I see myself as an audiovisual storyteller floating somewhere on the intriguing intersection of journalism, documentary, music and cinema.

Fusing those elements into an organic hybrid language is the focus of my artistic practice.

Over the last few years, I’ve gathered stories about astronomy, art, music, architecture, oil, wine, tech, economics, literature, food, faith, design and more – visiting prisons, slums, ships, villages, festivals, farms, museums, squats, schools, studios and protests along the way.

I’ve told tales using words, sound, photography and video – with multiple mediums playing in concert as often as possible.

What unites many of these disparate stories and forms is my goal to illuminate social or political issues through a cultural lens and break through the daily cycle of negativity to show people good news which transcends time.

I strive to find untold stories – or, failing that, a new way of telling old stories more dynamically.

I’m always open to discussing potential collaborations, so please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page or any of the social media links above.

Thanks for dropping by!