After three decades of hiding his feminine impulses, renowned Spanish dancer Manuel Liñán comes out to challenge convention by pursuing his love of performing flamenco – dressed as a woman – in a conservative society with rigid cultural traditions.

An Eye Rise Films production for The New Yorker – supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Directors: Ana González, Frederick Bernas
Producers: Ana González, Frederick Bernas
Editors: Frederick Bernas, Ana González
Cinematographers: Sacha Rolland-Benis, Frederick Bernas
Drone Operator: Sacha Rolland-Benis
Still Photography: Ana González
Sound Recordist: Théo Serror
Sound Designer: Alex Marais / ReptilEstudio
Colorists: Diego Meijido, Cristina Galán
Graphic Designer: Vittoria Miceli / She Lab
Producers, The New Yorker: Soo-jeong Kang, Yara Bishara, Wendi Jonassen, Melissa Fajardo
Music: Frederick Bernas, Francisco Vinuesa, Axel K Soundsystem (ZZK Records), Ismael de la Rosa & Yerai Cortés