• Global Radio News – innovative reporters’ agency with hundreds of freelancers worldwide.
  • George Brock – insightful views on modern journalism from one of London’s top media professors.
  • Saeed Kamali Dehghan – courageous Iranian reporter who made an award-winning documentary for HBO.
  • Ben Judah – journeyman hack who turned into a policy fellow far too young.
  • Susanne Ramirez de Arellano – unrepentant journalist now working as a media consultant in New York City.
  • Miriam Elder – one of Moscow’s busiest freelancers.
  • Andrew OsbornDaily Telegraph Moscow correspondent.
  • Jack Shenker – the Guardian’s man in Cairo.
  • PressThink – musings on the media from Professor Jay Rosen of NYU.
  • – an exciting project in the pipeline.
  • Think Africa Press – new UK-based site with a wide network of contributors across the intriguing continent.
  • SHOOK – eccentric cultural curiosities with a potent dose of underground vibration.
  • LondonJazz – the capital’s leading resource for news, gigs, interviews and loads more daily goodness.
  • Jazzwise – Britain’s number one jazz mag.
  • Fly – global music culture from all angles.
  • Russia! – a quirky look at all things Russian.
  • PORT – ambitious new magazine with an enticing mix of different material.



  • Andrew Hayes – homespun hip-hop, rustic rhymes and much more from one of Bristol’s busiest saxophonists.
  • Toyface – moving musings on the peculiarities of life crossed with a slightly warped folky charm.
  • Spokinn Movement – quality new school live hip-hop straight outta New York City.
  • Tessa Souter – a fabulously gifted British jazz singer based in NYC.
  • James Morton – exciting sax player from Bristol, never short of gigs.
  • Chris Cuzme – sax, bass, brewing and more.
  • Youngblood Brass Band – incendiary brass-driven hip-hop jams.
  • Christian Scott – one of the most adventurous composers on today’s jazz scene.
  • Dune Records – strong independent UK jazz label nurturing young talent.
  • Greenleaf Music – contemporary jazz label founded by wicked trumpeter Dave Douglas.
  • Jukebox Trio – Russia’s very own acapella supergroup.