Afisha Picnic
Kolomenskiy Park, 8/8/09

The cult British ska-pop combo Madness will take to a Moscow stage for the first time in their checkered 33-year history. Headlining the capital’s biggest summer festival will be no daunting task for a group which spent over 200 weeks on the UK singles charts between 1980-86, now reunited and ready for anything. They may not have as much energy as back in their 80s heyday, but be sure to expect skanking to the end in true ska-punk style. We’ll also see US alt-rock vocalist Amanda Palmer and live electro from the UK’s These New Puritans, as well as a feast of other things to do in the vast Kolomenskiy Park – a market, ethnic food, football, games, art and a music tent by hipster promoters Idle Conversation. We have the tunes, we have the people, let’s hope the erratic Moscow weather systems don’t let us down.

Published: 6/8/09

Project OGI, 26/7/09

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the old proverb says. So maybe that’s why this band, “I Have Not Any Breakfast Today Bitch!,” sounds a little maniacally deranged from time to time. Drawing on influences such as The Mars Volta, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and Acoustic Ladyland, they mercilessly mash genres together to create an unpredictable melange of punk jazz, rock, new-wave, no-wave and sheer noise. The group will perform material from its recently released second CD, “Pora Topora,” but free mp3s are available online if you’re already intrigued.

Published: 23/7/09

Karl Hlamkin & OgneOpasnOrkestr
Proekt OGI, 17/7/09

All the elements are there: drums, bass, guitar, accordion, saxophone, trombone and a wild lead singer – Karl Hlamkin – who roars out lyrics such as “dance until morning” and “let’s get drunk!” with infectious ferocity. You’ll be equally intoxicated by the uproarious party atmosphere his band never fails to create. Balkan melodies, Latin beats, ska, klezmer and jazz are manically squashed together, presented with a joyful, unpredictable energy that fills the air in any venue. Давай забухаем!

Published: 16/7/09