Activists staged a street theater show outside Comcast HQ in Philadelphia on February 13. (Photo: Frederick Bernas)

This package was broadcast by Monocle 24 Radio on February 16, 2012.


Since its launch in 2006, Al Jazeera English has risen rapidly on the global media scene. The network is available in some 250 million households around the world – but in the United States, it’s a different story.

Despite acclaimed coverage of the Arab Spring, Al Jazeera is still accessible in just a handful of areas. The channel is eager to break into American markets, but most major cable providers don’t want to play ball.

On Monday, a group of activists set out to change that. They’ve gathered 23,000 signatures from an online petition in support of Al Jazeera in the United States, and they’re demanding that Comcast – one of the biggest American cable companies – provide Al Jazeera to all its customers.

Frederick Bernas reports.