London skyline

This package was first broadcast by Monocle 24 Radio on August 10, 2016.


Our second report today blurs the lines between performance, audio and art – and is marketed as a “treasure hunt.”

Since its creation in 2013, the Remote X audio art project has visited more than 30 locations around the world – and its latest stop is here in London.

The piece is a novel twist on immersive storytelling. Groups of people take guided walks through their city, following the whims of a computerized voice that issues instructions in their headphones.

Up to 50 participants can sign up for the tour, which invites them to reflect on themes such as the dynamics of group decision-making and individual autonomy in a hyper-organized social system.

As you wander the city, following the headphones, you encounter your own sort of personal film – and it even has a soundtrack.

Monocle’s Frederick Bernas went to find out more.