Frederick is working on film, music and audiovisual art projects. He recently co-directed “The Utopians,” a mini series released by the Barbican Centre in 2022.

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Bristol: What else is going on?

Frederick Bernas embarks on a voyage of discovery to investigate the less talked-about aspects of Bristol’s vibrant music scene. While most students will probably know the names of the three Bristol venues I visited during this musical adventure, how many can say they have a good awareness of what kind of shows are going on?...

Eduardo Niebla – St George’s, 25/11/06

St George’s Hall off Park Street, which boasts of being one of the finest acoustic venues in the country, was host to a creative exploration of musical possibilities from a trio comprising two guitars and an Indian tabla player. Eduardo Niebla, whose show title brings to mind a completely contrasting guitar legend – Hendrix –...