Frederick is working on film, music and audiovisual art projects. He recently co-directed “The Utopians,” a mini series released by the Barbican Centre in 2022.

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Maceo Parker - Pigalle Club, 20/8/08

Maceo Parker – Pigalle Club, 20/8/08

Published in London Tourdates, 5/9/08.
Portico Quartet: Mercury For Rising Hang Men

Portico Quartet: Mercury For Rising Hang Men

The Portico Quartet are ‘indie’ in the truest sense of the word. Frederick Bernas talks to the Mercury-nominated post-jazz ensemble. It is a genuine musical fairytale. In 2004, the Portico Quartet was just one of countless acts busking the hallowed walkways of London’s South Bank. Four short years later, the group finds itself nominated for...
Polar Bear - Polar Bear

Polar Bear – Polar Bear

Published in London Tourdates, 8/8/08.
Samay - Dingwalls, 16/7/08

Samay – Dingwalls, 16/7/08

The first thing that strikes you about Samay is the intriguing combination of Western and Indian instruments: guitar, bass, saxophone, Tabla and Sarod. From the opening moments of this CD launch gig, it was clear a wonderful sense of communication existed: the five musicians frequently exchanged glances and pushed each other forward during solos. In...
Neil Cowley Trio: What's In A Name?

Neil Cowley Trio: What’s In A Name?

Neil Cowley is a jazz musician who doesn’t listen to jazz. Frederick Bernas talks to him about his 20-year career on the piano stool. When their debut album Displaced was released independently in 2006, the Neil Cowley Trio received mixed reactions. Conservative critics with a penchant for old school hard bop and pure, mainstream jazz...
Blink - Blink

Blink – Blink

Blink: Blink LOOP Records The latest offering from London’s infamous LOOP Collective, this eponymous debut features an unconventional bass-less trio of pianist Alcyona Mick, Robin Fincker on tenor sax and clarinet and drummer Paul Clarvis. All demonstrate considerable capabilities in the field of loose, open jazz which is experimental yet accessible. Mick’s command of the...
These Acoustics Can Electrify

These Acoustics Can Electrify

Pete Wareham is on a musical crusade: Acoustic Ladyland‘s frontman abandoned the traditional jazz direction to discover his real identity. Frederick Bernas heard all about it.

Antibalas / The Budos Band – Jazz Cafe, 19/4/08

A perfect warm-up for what was to come, The Budos Band took to the stage with well-synchronised, driving compositions and sharp melodies, matching the flawless studio sound of their two releases on Daptone Records. Definitely worth a headline slot in future, it surely will not be long before this materialises. The 11-man force that is...

Blessed With Good Taste

From starting out as a loosely-organised acoustic jazz tribute act, The Blessing have moved on to develop a unique sound which matches their exotic culinary preferences. Frederick Bernas met two members of the Bohemian Bristol-based group. Easton is a part of Bristol with a notoriously interesting reputation, so naturally I was eager to step out...